Carpet Shops Stoke on Trent

Where can I get the best price on rugs in Stoke on Trent?

When looking for carpet shops Stoke on Trent, Unique Carpets & Flooring provides excellent service and value for money on all types of rugs, carpets or flooring requirements.  

We’ve been in business for over ten years and provide a home visit service to provide a more personalised experience for our consumers. We’ll come to your house and help you choose the right floor covering for your space.

We install a comprehensive selection of high-quality rugs, carpets, vinyl, and laminate floors. We also offer a collection service to take away your old flooring.

You can either come into our store for a free measurement and to choose the best floor covering for you, or call us and we will come to your home.

We’re in Hanley, Stoke on Trent and we serve the city of Stoke-on-Trent and the surrounding areas.

Call us now for your free quote on 07368 417 302 or send us an email to Alternatively, you can visit us at Unique Carpets & Flooring, 52 broad street, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, ST1 4EU.

What time of year are carpets the cheapest?

The optimum time to buy carpets is between December and January. When buyers are willing to spend less on a product and are lured by a fantastic offer, sales are far more likely to occur. While there is a lot of buying for holiday gifts during this time of year, it is not as popular as shopping for new carpets.  Furthermore, carpet installation necessitates a significant amount of human labour and will surely result in a mess, making the hectic holiday season full of indoor parties and gatherings less than ideal scheduling for most. As a result, carpet manufacturers and merchants frequently cut carpet and installation rates around this season, allowing you to save up to 25% on a new carpet if you’re ready to put up with the inconvenience. While there are some amazing deals to be had at this time, it’s best to wait until after the holidays to get a better value. You can also get a great deal on new flooring and carpets from May until early June. It’s also a good time to check out the newest fashion trends that have made their way into retailers. The market has bi-annual releases in October and April, when you may purchase the most up-to-date fashions.

How do you price a good carpet?

How much should you spend on a new carpet if you’re in the market for one? Many individuals ask themselves this question while looking for one, but the solutions can be difficult to come by. The material chosen is one of the most important drivers of a carpet’s pricing. Some carpet materials are significantly more costly than others. Carpets can cost anywhere from a few hundred pounds to over ten thousand pounds for a single room. The more money you’re prepared to pay, the longer your carpet will survive, just like most other things. The carpet’s life will be cut short if you spend less money. Of course, pricing isn’t the only factor that influences longevity. It’s also a function of how much you utilise it. Low-cost carpets can endure a long time if they are only used seldom. Similarly, if foot traffic is excessive, even the most expensive, long-lasting carpets can wear out in a matter of years.

How much are the cheapest carpets?

As previously stated, the more money you are ready to spend on a carpet, the longer it will usually survive.  Here’s a short rundown of what you should anticipate to pay in the UK for various carpets: Twist carpet – On the surface, twist carpets are quite durable. The carpet’s fibre is intended to be beautiful as well as comfortable to walk on. Fibres rise immediately from the floor underneath them. They’re great for high-traffic locations throughout the house.  The price of a square metre of wool twist carpet varies between £15 and £22.

Saxony Carpets – Saxony carpets are similar to twist carpets in that the strands stand up on end from the ground. However, all of the fibres are clipped flush, giving the foot a luxury feel. As a result, these carpets are perfect for bedrooms and living areas. When not on sale, Saxony carpets cost between £15 and £35 per square metre.

Loop pile carpets – Loop pile carpets have fibres that rise up like small circles from the carpet’s base. They’re not only soft, but they’re also exceedingly tough. Pet owners, on the other hand, should avoid this carpet due to the possibility of claws becoming stuck in the loops. Loop pile carpets cost between £5 and £40 per square metre.

Berber carpets – Berber carpets are twisted carpet hybrids with a loop pile. Even in the busiest families, these carpets are stain resistant and endure a long time. Additionally, they have a naturally sophisticated appearance, making them a great choice for house reception spaces. Berber carpets made of polypropylene start at just £6 per square metre. Berber carpets made of a durable wool mix can cost up to £25 per square metre.

Cut and loop carpets – Cut and loop carpets are a hybrid carpet with some vertical fibres and others looped back into the mat below. This design provides carpets with a totally distinctive appearance. Cut and loop carpets made out of 100% wool cost £37 per square metre. Equivalents made of polypropylene cost roughly £6.

Velvet carpets – Velvet carpets feature a low-cut pile with threads themselves fanning out.

These carpets are extremely soft underfoot, making them ideal for use in the living room or bedroom. Even when made of artificial materials, velvet-touch carpets are substantially more expensive than other types. 

The cost per square metre ranges from £27 to £40.

What will give the best service for flooring? Carpets, laminate or vinyl?

This really comes down to personal preference and the climate you live in also affects this.  It is best to have different flooring options in different rooms of the house. 

There are various variables to consider while selecting economical flooring for your home. Carpet, vinyl, and laminate are all popular low-cost options. Carpet has been around for decades, while laminates are a relatively modern technology, yet both create excellent floors. However, in order to make an informed decision, you must compare them based on your requirements.

Weaved, knotted, tufted, and needle felt carpets are among the many types and styles available. The backing is covered with an additional layer of yarn. Stain-resistant soft fibres, derived from both natural wool and petroleum-based synthetic polymers, are used in recent carpets.

Wood particles or high-density fibre board are used to make laminates. There are normally four layers in a laminate board, including a clear, hard layer on top that increases durability. Laminates are designed to seem like natural materials such as oak, stone, and tiles.

Vinyl that comes in large, continuous, flexible sheets is known as sheet vinyl flooring. Unlike vinyl floor tile, which comes in rigid tiles, and vinyl planks, which come in interlocking strips, a vinyl sheet floor is fully impervious to water.

Colours, styles, patterns, textures, and designs are all available in carpet, vinyl and laminate flooring. Carpet, on the other hand, is not only warmer and softer underfoot, but it also absorbs sound well. Carpets, in general, require more frequent deep cleaning with a suitable vacuum and commercial carpet cleaners. Vacuuming at least twice a week is required. Every 12-18 months, hot water extraction for deep cleaning is also required. Regular sweeping or vacuuming of laminate flooring is required to remove dust and debris from the surface. Every few months, deep cleaning with commercial laminate floor cleaners is required. Vinyl flooring is popular in bathrooms and kitchens because it is very easy to clean and maintain. Most people will have a combination of all of these types of flooring (depending on the rooms they have in their home) so it is worth looking into all flooring options to decide which is best for you. Unique Carpets and Flooring provides all of these types of flooring as well as many other services. Call us today to find out for free how we can save you money.