Grey Laminate Flooring

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Unique Carpets & Flooring, the prestige in floor installations, sells and installs a variety of high-quality flooring options, including carpet, vinyl, and grey laminate flooring with various wood patterns like the image above.

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You can view some of our helpful customer reviews, which all come with a 5-star rating, to help you understand why we are the best choice for your flooring needs:

“Absolutely in love with my carpets. My stairs now look beautiful, lovely fitters really fast delivery date. Can’t thank you enough.”

“Great service and excellent job… great attention to detail, making sure the job was done properly and great price. Would highly recommend them to anyone”

“Firstly these were the cheapest quote I’d found, made the purchase very simple and had the carpet ready for my partner to collect it! very easy to fit, lovely quality and just what we were looking for… highly recommend… thank you”

“Nice work great service, good price and advice”

“I have used Unique Flooring and carpets a number of times. Once again today, they were reliable, prompt from start to finish and pricing was brilliant. Recommend these for their prices and quality service.”

“I successfully booked and had the carpet fitted in the same day. Had lots of options to choose from even for the budget ones. The guy that fitted mine was fully equipped and made the job extremely fast. I am very happy with the work done and I will definitely choose them in the future.”

Laminate flooring comes in a variety of thicknesses ranging from 7mm to 12mm and is ideal for a wide range of applications and in various wood effects such as oak grey laminate, beech and cedar among others.

The price of our laminate wood flooring starts at £11 (including vat) per square yard of flat-pack and we will come straight to your door and take care of everything for you.

What is laminate flooring and what is the price?

Laminate flooring, which was once primarily used as a type of budget flooring, continue to keep their place as a cost-effective and functional option. They’ve even made their way into higher-end homes where solid hardwood or engineered flooring was formerly the only option. Laminate flooring is better than ever before in terms of appearance, performance, and feel underfoot. With all of this popularity, it’s natural to wonder what laminate flooring is in the first place.

Laminate flooring is a hybrid floor covering that consists of a particleboard wood base with an image layer and a clear, gloss layer on top in a parquet style pattern. Laminate flooring is a popular choice for living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and other parts of the home that aren’t subjected to a lot of moisture.

Perstorp, a Swedish business, invented laminate flooring in 1977. This company came up with the notion of re-purposing waste wood projects by exposing them to extremely high pressure, heat, and binding chemicals, and then turning the results into useful floor wood coverings. Many more manufacturers, such as Dupont, Mannington, Armstrong, and Shaw, have since introduced laminate flooring.

Laminate floors are commonly referred to as laminate wood floors, despite the fact that they are only wood in two ways. The laminate floor’s foundation is made out of crushed, chipped wood particles. Second, the accurate image layer; basically a well-rendered photograph of wood housed in a clear, resilient wear layer which gives the top the appearance of actual wood.

To create sheets, agglomerated wood particles are exposed to intense pressure. A photo-realistic image of wood or stone is put to the top of these sheets, which is then covered by a wear layer. The wear layer, a thin, clear plastic sheet that protects the delicate bottom layers from moisture, UV rays, and scratches, is the link between them and the outside world.

Laminate flooring has a wear layer consisting of two thin sheets of paper impregnated with melamine. This top-most layer is a durable, transparent plastic sheet that is resistant to dogs, chairs, high heels, and other potentially harmful components.

Image Layer: Laminate flooring can appear genuine even when viewed up close. This is because the laminate’s wear layer contains a photographic-quality representation of actual wood. 

Base (Core) Layer: A half-inch of wood-chip composite is visible behind the wood-grain image. Water damage is an inherent characteristic of all wood chip products. The base of laminate flooring is dimensionally stable, but only to a certain extent. It can withstand some water, but only if the water is removed soon.

Which room is best can I install laminate floors?

Choosing new flooring may be a lot of fun because it can completely transform the look of any room in your house. While real stone, carpet, hardwood, and other flooring alternatives abound, one variety has the appearance of many others without the exorbitant cost. Laminate flooring may imitate the appearance of tile, wood, stone, and other types of flooring at a fraction of the cost. It’s also quite easy to set up. The following are some of the most common areas where laminate flooring is installed.

Bedrooms:  Consider utilizing laminate flooring to duplicate your favourite wood or tile in your bedroom to give it a unique appeal. The addition of an underlay will assist make the laminate more comfortable to walk on, and area rugs will help tie the room together.

Living Room:  Laminate is an excellent alternative for your living room, dining room, or rec room floor if you want the look of hardwood without the cost. It’s long-lasting flooring that won’t be damaged by heavy foot activity. With so many styles to choose from, you’ll have no trouble finding the right laminate flooring for your living room.

Kitchen:  Because the kitchen is one of the most often used rooms in any home, its flooring should not be disregarded. Laminate is ideal for a kitchen since it is both resilient and easy to clean, which is ideal in a room prone to spills and crumbs. Laminate is a cheap flooring option that will give you the style you want, whether it’s a tile look or a hardwood-like finish, we will leave your kitchen floor looking amazing.

Where should laminate flooring not be installed?  Laminate isn’t the ideal choice in some situations because it might be prone to moisture problems. This means it’s probably not a good idea to put it in places like laundry rooms, a bathroom, saunas, or outdoor locations. Moisture can cause the cloth to deform or swell.

Laminate wood flooring panels are also fantastic for providing walkways in your loft.

Are grey laminate floors in style?

Grey wooden flooring or grey laminate flooring?

Solid wood flooring:  If you want an effortlessly attractive grey floor, wooden flooring is a terrific option. Any area can benefit from a wooden floor since it adds character, charm, and a natural feel. Engineered wood flooring may be placed quickly and easily by floating it over an underlay. It can also be used with underfloor heating and in rooms with temperature fluctuations. Although an oak wooden floor (with a grey colour stain) is relatively hardwearing, you must take steps to avoid damaging it. With the exception of rooms with a lot of water, you may put a grey wooden floor in practically any room in your house.

Grey laminate flooring:  Grey laminate flooring is available in a variety of colours. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly floor, grey laminate flooring is a terrific option. It seems like real wood flooring, but it’s actually a high-resolution image with a translucent protective gloss. It’s simple to put together, but it’s not as strong or long-lasting as real wood or bamboo.

Grey oak laminate and tile effect are a very popular choice of flooring because of their beautiful pattern.

Is grey laminate popular?

Grey flooring is still fashionable. They’re one of the most popular flooring colour options we have. Because of the growing popularity of grey floors, there is now a considerably larger selection of colours and types of flooring to pick from. A clean and fresh look can be achieved with any tone or shade of grey. If you’re looking for grey flooring, we’ll be sure to have something you will like.

What colour furniture goes with grey laminate flooring?

Grey laminate floors can be used in a variety of ways. Its clear, glassy appearance lets in more natural light, making rooms feel more spacious. Scratches and stains appear to blend right in on grey flooring, which gives it a delicate appearance and making it very resistant laminate flooring. Grey flooring is classic, and the design possibilities are unlimited. Warm and inviting, high-tech and cutting-edge. Elegant and traditional.

Red-grey flooring will be softened by pinks and creams.  Golds and browns add warmth to blue-grey flooring.  Bold colours like black, white, or red will explode against dark grey flooring.  Floors in light grey go well with cream, beige, and other warm colours. For a high-tech macho atmosphere, use silver as an accent.  Brown-grey flooring looks great with neutrals and black.

Depending on the accents you choose, grey flooring can transform a living room into a modern, high-tech hub or a bedroom into a quiet, welcoming hideaway.

Follow these tips to create the appropriate atmosphere for you and your home, regardless of the shade or colour of your grey flooring:

Purple and pink accents create a seductive, sensual atmosphere that is ideal for bedrooms.  Yellow accents will lighten the room and make it feel more cheery.  Choose blue pillows, blankets, paint, and drapes for an elegant and stylish space.

You want to make a big, dramatic statement, right? Red is a great accent colour.  Green is a popular choice for a relaxing, rural setting. Don’t forget about the leafy plants and bamboo furnishings, which complement the grey flooring perfectly.