underlay for carpet

What are carpet underlays?

Underlay for carpet or carpet underlay, is a thin layer of cushioning consisting of materials like sponge rubber, foam, felt, crumb rubber, or recycled plastic that is spread beneath carpeting to give comfort underfoot, reduce impact on the carpet, and provide noise, moisture, and heat insulation. Except for felt-backed carpets, all carpets should have underlay. Obviously, budget is a factor when it comes to carpet underlay, but the extra money is definitely worth it.

We recommend going with an underlay thickness of roughly 11mm to get that beautiful, cushioned feel. The only exception is if you’re installing carpet on stairs, in which case you should go a little thinner – suggest an underlay of 8 to 9mm – to accommodate the contours. There are various different types of carpet underlay depending on the material of the floor you choose:

Foam Carpet Underlay – The most popular type of carpet underlay on the market is PU (polyurethane) foam underlay.  It’s not only noted for its lush and pleasant feel underfoot, it’s also lightweight and easy to handle, and it provides excellent protection for up to 25 years. We use PU foam underlay rather than Diall Foam Underlay.

Laminate Underlay – Under laminate flooring, there is a soft pad called laminate underlayment. The underlay allows the laminate boards to lie more smoothly, sliding together precisely, and feel slightly softer underfoot. While there are a variety of good solutions available as underlay for your laminate flooring, cork and foam are the most popular. Cork may be preferred for its thickness and sound absorption, depending on your lifestyle; foam underlay, on the other hand, is a great, cost-effective moisture barrier.

Please take the time to look through our website and speak to one of our friendly members of staff for further information on the carpet/carpets you require fitting and a free quote. If you detect areas of carpet that are exceptionally flat or hard, the underlay may need to be replaced. It is the underlay that gives your carpets greater comfort and helps them last longer.

Can you underlay carpets from Carpetright?

Unlike huge high street businesses, Unique Carpets & Flooring is an independent, family-run business that places a premium on creating trust and relationships, as well as providing a personal touch with each job. We install flooring in both residential and commercial buildings. We are able to supply as well as fit new floors such as carpet, vinyl and laminate. You can purchase your carpet elsewhere and order our professionals to fit the underlay and the new flooring as well. Please get in touch with us for further information or view our website to see some of the flooring we have supplied and fitted. You may find we are cheaper per square yard and quicker at fitting your new flooring into place. 

We provide a home visit to provide a more personalized experience for each of our customers, where we come out to your home and assist you in selecting the appropriate floor covering to alter your space. We will view the rooms that require new flooring and recommend the ideal carpet. Some people know exactly what they want to have in the dining room or kitchen and we will ensure we recommend the best quality materials for rooms that are frequently used. 

What tools do you need to carpet underlay?

Fitting the underlay and carpet into place isn’t an easy task. Especially if you don’t have all the tools and accessories required to complete the job without getting annoyed. The first task is to clear the room of all tables, rugs, chairs or other items and place them into storage whilst work is underway. The main tools you will require are: Awl for carpeting, row finders, and separators

Carpet Stretchers & Accessories are a type of carpet stretcher that is used to stretch carpet. Carpet clamps, cutters and claws. Rollers for carpet seams. Nailers such as staplers, trimmers and tacks are all types of nailers that you can use. Accessories for knee pads will save you a great deal of pain from being on your knees and are a wise investment.

As you can see, buying all the additional accessories to underlay your carpet can start to add up if you don’t have what is needed to complete the work. This is why we offer our services to make life easier whilst you sit back and await your new floor. We pride ourselves on being a family run business that offers a high level of expertise and a brilliant rating record left by customers which are available for you to view.

Can you provide laminate or vinyl floors?

We provide various carpet, laminate and vinyl flooring as well as underlay and the fitting of the new floor. We offer a 7mm-12mm laminate range of flooring for you to choose from. Please take the time to view our website to see pictures of our work on our gallery page. We are pleased to be able to provide both budget and luxury vinyl flooring for you to view and choose from. 

Vinyl is the name for the adaptable fabric that we’ve all come to know and love. When it comes to water resistance, lifetime, and durability, this is the preferable option. There are many options that look like wood if you wish to have the wooden floor look without the price and noise that comes with a wood floor. Meanwhile, if you want a more stylish appearance, reduced expenses, and a more pleasant feel underfoot, laminate is the way to go. Laminate flooring is a multi-layer synthetic flooring product that uses a lamination technique to join the layers together. With a photographic appliqué layer under a transparent protective layer, laminate flooring imitates wood. Melamine resin and fiber board materials are commonly used in the inner core layer.

Carpet is often less expensive than wood when it comes to floor replacement. On the market, there are a variety of styles, textures, and sorts to choose from, with pricing ranges to suit any budget. Thermodynamic insulation and resistance are provided by carpet. It keeps warm air for longer in colder locations or seasons, which saves electricity. Carpet also makes a space feel warmer by providing a comfy spot to relax, play, or work.

Can tables and furniture damage the underlay of a carpet?

A high-quality carpet underlay extends the life of your carpet while also providing cushioning beneath your feet. Avoid dragging furniture on or off your carpet while situating or moving it, since the edges of the furniture might catch and pull your carpet. Installing high-density carpet with a firm, thin padding will prevent denting from the start, extending the life of your carpet.

You can buy a wide range of accessories to protect your floors, whether it’s wood, carpet, vinyl or laminate. You can purchase furniture coasters and carpet cut-offs to help preserve the quality of your floors. You can choose accessories that are unnoticeable and not a tripping hazard. Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more information on the accessories available to help maintain your new flooring. 

Many people opt for carpet over wood due to a variety of reasons. Wood can be loud, prone to scratches and aren’t usually water resistant. This could be a nightmare if water damage occurs in the house and your wood is damaged. Wood can also be an expensive choice when choosing floors. Cork and foam are the ideal underlay options when installing hardwood or engineered wood flooring. Foam, on the other hand, has more give than cork, so while cork is the more common choice, we favor foam when fitting a wood floor. Cork has less give than wood, so it won’t flex under your planks.

What policy expectations will be delivered?

Our goal is to provide you with quick and personable services in order to help you select the appropriate flooring to change your house. We have a large selection of samples to help you discover the appropriate floor covering. We are a small, family-owned business, and those principles are at the heart of everything we do, which is why we like to provide you with a personalized experience.

Because we value your home and comfort, we will always deliver and install your new flooring within 14 days. We’ve been in business for over 10 years and are committed to providing a professional, stress-free service with competitive costs and high-quality flooring. If there are any issues, we will send a member of the team back to your residence to assist where required as we are confident in our work and know you will be satisfied years to come.